10th Class / Grade English Notes Chapter # 22 How To Do Things

Question and Answers

Q.1  What games were arranged for the guests?

Ans. To make the party colourful and fascinating, Shahnawaz also arranged some games. These games include “Passing the Parcel”, “Treasure Hunt” and “Musical Chair”. These games provided fun and laughter to the guests.

Q.2  When is a bicycle-rider a joy? When does this joy vanish?

Ans. Bicycle ride is a joy when one is young, it is also a pleasant experience when you are riding a bicycle. This joy suddenly vanishes when the cycle gets punctured. You feel while the riding that the tyre has lost its lightness and is pressing flat against the ground.

Q.3  What does the kit for mending the puncture contain?

Ans. The kit for mending the puncture is needed when the tyre last its lightness. The kit contains a wrench, a pair of small scissors, a piece of an old cycle tube, sand paper, a coloured pencil and the sticking solution.

Q.4  How is the “Parcel” prepared for the “Parcel Game”?

Ans.The parcel game is to be very interesting and exciting. A piece of Toffee is put in a small carton which was wrapped with many layers of coloured papers.

Q.5  How is the game “Treasure Hunt” played?

Ans. Treasure hunt is an interesting game. In treasure hunt small things wrapped in paper are to be hidden at different places in the room. The guest are to look for every where till all the treasures are found.

Q.6  Describe the process of mending a puncture?

Ans. In order to make a puncture, first of all we take out tube from the wheel and inflate it. Then we dip it in water and find out the puncture, mark it with the coloured pencil and dry it and rub it with sand paper and then apply sticking solution and press it. The tube is then put into tyre and pumped. The puncture has been mended.

Q.7  Describe the process of mending a puncture in a repair shop?

Ans. The purpose of mending a puncture at a bicycle repair shop is different one. A kind of half solid rubber solution is applied to the puncture part of the tube. It is heated at a certain temperature for some time in a machine which is a sort of press. The solution melts and sticks to the tube so that both are inseparable.

Q.8  What are the amusing aspects of parcel game?

Ans. The amusing aspects of parcel game are the punishment given during the games These punishments are the mixture of commands like “sing a song”, “crow like a cock”, “bleat like a goat”, “bray like a donkey”. Everyone has to obey the command that fell to it his lot.

Q.9  How can a successful party be arranged?

Ans. A successful party can be arranged through the following steps. A party should be well-planned and decorative to attract the people. The menu setting and serving counts very munch in a coourful party and there should be some entertainment for the guests.

Q.10  How decoration is necessary for arranging a party?

Ans. Decoration is the best way to make a party fascinating. If the decoration is not attractive the party has no effect. The party place should be adorn in such a manner that it could capture the attention of the guests and add beautiful colours to the party.


  1. Honour: It is an honou for us that Shahid Afridi has broken the world record.
  2. Serve: We should serve our country with heart and
  3. Frighten: My sister is frightened of going into dark.
  4. Riding: Riding a bicycle is a great fun.
  5. Puncture: Puncture can easily be mended if you have the puncture kit with you.

Fill in the Blanks

  1. Shahnaz was very happy because it was her birthday.
  2. She had invited her friends to a party.
  3. The two friends talked about the men
  4. Now they got busy int he kitchen
  5. Riding a bicycle is joy when one is young.
  6. They decided to buy the rest of the things from the market
  7. You are riding back home merrily.
  8. You lay you bicycle on the ground.
  9. You take out your kit for the puncture.
  10. This emergency should not worry you if you are prepared on it.


  1. Odds and ends: A collection of objects not belonging to any group of order, left over and discarded.

Example: That shop does not still anything in particular. It has only odds and ends.

Sentence: He claims that he is very fond of collecting precious stones, but his collection

contains only odds and ends.

  1. Under one’s nose: immediately with reach.

Example: You don’t have to go far. It’s under your nose.

Sentence: I looked for my English copy everywhere and it was under my nose all the time.

  1. To poke one’s nose into: To meddle or interfere

Example: She has the bad habit of poking her nose into the matters that are not her concern.

Sentence: According to the charter of U.N. no country is allowed to poke her nose into the personal affairs of any country.

  1. To kick up a row: To make a disturbance or noise

Example: If you don’t kick up a row, you will not be paid attention to

Sentence: The young boys started kicking up a row, when Micheal Jackson began to sing.

  1. To wind up: To bring to an end

Example: I’m using my last week in the country to wind up by business here.

Sentence: The director winded up the set due to late arrival of the artist.



  1. Invite – Invitation
  2. Busy – Business
  3. Prepare – Preparation
  4. Discuss – Discussion
  5. Decorate – Decoration
  6. Punish – Punishment
  7. Collect – Collection
  8. Sing – Song
  9. Decide – Decision

2. Idiomatic Structures

  1. To pour in: When I was passed in 9th class examination a number of phone calls of congratulations poured in.
  2. To pour out: In winter season when I am feelings too c I asked my mother to pour out some hot tea for me.
  3. To pour over: In the war, the nurse were pouring medicine over the wounded soldier
  4. To put on: At the day of Eid festival, I put on my new clothe

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