10th Class / Grade English Notes Chapter # 21 The Minstrel Boy

Central Idea


This poem is written by Thomas Moore (1779-1852) an Irish poet. He was born in Dublin where he studied at the best school. He was admitted to Trinity College at the age of 15 years. He became an enthusiastic Irish Poet. In imitation of Lord Byron, who was his friend, he wrote poem on an oriental theme called “Lalla Rookh”. His patriotic feelings is well expressed in this poem.


“Patriotism is not a short out burst of emotions but the tranquil and steady dedication of lifetime.” or “Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul into great things.”‘


The poem “The Minstrel Boy” has been written by a famous Irish poet Thomas Moore. He has expressed his patriotic feelings in this poem. The poem is in the praise of a minstrel boy. He was a great singer who used to sing songs on the time of his harp in the peacetime. But when the wartime came on his country, he joined the army of flight for his country. Actually he was continuing the legacy of his fore fathers i.e. to fight for their country. He fought bravely, with his sward and sacrificed his life for the protection of his motherland. When he was near to death, he tore off all his belonging because he wanted the enemy to realize that people like him would never allow him to touch their beloved homeland. In the end the poet has show his patriotic feelings in a convincing way. He says that the enemy might defeat the minstrel boy physically but they could not conquer his spirits. The minstrel boy’s harp was destroyed by the minstrel boy himself because it was meant to sing in peace not in slavery. The extreme limit of patriotism is exhibited by their action.

Question and Answers

Q.1  What do you know about Thomas Moore?

Ans. Thomas Moore was an enthusiastic Irish poet. In the imitation of his friend Lord Byron, he wrote poem on an oriental theme called “Lalla Rookh”. He has expressed his patriotic feelings in this poem.

Q.2  What does Thomas Moore mean when he says as “thought all the world betray thee”?

Ans. Thomas Moore has tried to convey a message by these words to his nation that if you’ve got three things, no matter the whole world turns against you, you are not to afraid of it. Loyal and faithful companions, a beloved motherland and power to protect the privilege.

Q.3  Why did he destroy his harp?

Ans. Before the minstrel boy was dead he destroyed his harp because he wanted the enemy to realize that every single child of his nation would not allow them to touch their homeland with impure hands. Moreover his harp was meant to play in peace and if the harp had survived it would have chained into the atmosphere of slavery. The extreme limit of patriotism is exhibited by the action of minstrel boy.

Q.4  For whom the poet was the words warrior bard and proud soul?

Ans. Thomas Moore has paid a homage to the minstrel boy by alloting him the bites of “warrior bard” and the “proud soul”. Thomas Moore has used these words to exhibit the spirit of chamisism in the minstrel boy. He was a great and brave fighter and was proud of fighting for his homeland.

Q.5  For whom were the songs of harp made?

Ans. The songs sung on the tune of harp were the marks of peace and carried out detention against slavery. these songs were made to please the patriots of minstrel boy’s nation. Only faithfully and Loyal companions and the men who were got freedom of their homeland could hear these songs.

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