10th Class / Grade English Notes Chapter # 23 The Uses of Adversity

Question and Answers

Q.1 Write the message of this poem?

Ans. Adversity is the mother of our noblest virtues that teach us patience, perseverance fortitude. Self help and sympathy and bring us nearest to Almighty creator. Adversity is a gift from God. Seeming ugly and dark but actually messengers of sweetness and light. As Francis Bacon says “The virtue of Adversity is fortitude, which is mortal in the more heroic virtue.”


  1. In black and white: In writing

Example: I cannot accept your oral complaint. It must be in black and white.

Sentence: The teacher rejected the student’s oral application by saying that it must be in black and white.

Idiomatic Structures

  1. Out of: Only two out of ten people are education in our country.
  2. Instead of: Instead of writing him a letter you can telegram.
  3. Inspite of: Inspite of three warnings, the thief continue his work, that’s why Policeman arrested him.
  1. Because of: Because of hardworking, I got 1st position in the class
  2. For the sake of: Captain Rashid Minhas died for the sake of country.
  3. Every now and again: Few weeks ago strikes were being called every now and again.
  4. All over again: Yesterday he lost his coy, so he rewrite his work all over again.
  5. Time and again: He had been warned time and again to quit smoking by his pare

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