Google has released a beta version of Android 13

Android 13 is expected to be fully introduced by next month
Internet technology company Google has released a beta version of the mobile phone operating system Android 13, which is expected to be fully rolled out next month.

Google’s operating system runs almost all mobile phones except Apple and so far most mobile phones were operating through Android 12.

Now Google has released a beta version of the new Android, which can be easily downloaded from various links.

The company claims that the security and privacy features in Android 13 have been further improved, while in addition to the graphics design and colors, it has also been made easier to use.

According to Google, the security of Google Vault has been improved in Android 13, in which users also keep their sensitive information safe.

Android 13 has many features;
Android 13 is also claimed to improve the services of the apps and in the said operating system people will be able to use other local languages ​​besides English to log in to the apps.

The search operating system in the new operating system will also be automatically deleted and users will have the opportunity to keep their information restricted or secure.

In addition to Google Pixel, users of Lenovo, Nokia, OnePlus, Oppo, RealMe, Techno, Vivo, Xiaomi and ZTE mobiles will also be able to download the Android 13 beta version after registration on the website .

Earlier, there were rumors that Android 13 would also feature a feature to run multiple numbers on the same SIM at the same time, but the company did not immediately elaborate.

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