Facebook also keeps an eye on you when you delete your account

Facebook may not be used by any user on the Internet and this is the time when almost everyone knows that this social networking site uses all kinds of data about people.

Some time ago, Facebook was criticized by the Cambridge Analytica data collection scandal and after that people launched a campaign to delete the account.

But did you know that this company can also track and target people who are not registered in it and use computer browser and smartphone settings for this.

What does Facebook know about you?

Yes, Facebook likes to know everything about people away from this site, except for its users.

Because that’s how the company manages to sell targeted ads, and that’s why it tracks people who don’t use the site.

But the good news is that tracking Facebook is not that difficult.

How to stop tracking
Open iPhone users settings and click on Privacy and then go to Advertising and disable the limit ad tracking option.

Disable Internet-based ads by going to Settings using Android phones, going to Accounts & Sync or Accounts option, Google and then Ad.

To do this, go to Settings for this purpose in the Google Chrome browser on the desktop and click on Advanced Settings to disable the Send a “Do Not Track” request with your browsing traffic option.

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By the way, companies are not limited to this method of tracking, but they do a lot, that is, tracking continues to some extent.

However, most companies, such as Facebook, have signed a digital alliance agreement that would allow them to stop tracking when a user sends a do-not-track request.

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