It may take time to fix the fault in the underwater internet cables, PTA

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has said that it may take time to completely fix the fault in the underwater internet cables passing through Pakistan two days ago.

According to the PTA, in view of the breakdown in international underwater internet cables, the concerned service providers have made alternative arrangements for uninterrupted provision of internet services to the customers through additional bandwidth. In this regard, a press release issued by PTA said that Trans World Associates (TWA) was aware of a fault in the underwater cables in the SMW5 cable system near Abu Talat in Egypt. What was Read more: Damage to underwater cables likely to affect internet services in Pakistan

According to the PTA, steps are being taken to rectify the problem, but it may take some time to completely fix the problem. The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority has said that the situation is being monitored and more information will be provided in this regard. The breakdown in the underwater cable system, which provides Internet access, occurred on February 17 and was expected to cause users to have difficulty accessing Internet services. A PTA spokesman said the cable system malfunction affected internet services mostly in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad. The number of cables connecting Pakistan to the outside world through the internet is 6, two have been mentioned above while the other four are TW1, SEMEWE3, SEMEW3. Includes E5 (SEMEWE5) and AAE1.

Of these, SEMEWE3 operates in a limited capacity, while the other 2 were installed only a few years ago. Earlier, in October 2019, online services were affected due to a malfunction in two international underwater cables providing internet to Pakistan. Internet services across the country were affected for about 2 days in 2017 due to the breakdown in IMEWE.

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