Corona virus: What did Pakistanis search on Google all year?

Do you know what the Pakistani people have been searching for on Google for the last one year due to the Coronavirus epidemic?

Google has revealed this in a new report.

According to the report, Google’s search for ‘Kids Home Activities’ in Pakistan has increased by 250%, with the aim of finding ways to educate children at home that are ‘New Norm’. Compatible with

In addition to the search for ways to deal with the epidemic, there has been an increase in the search for mental health information.

The annual report ‘Air in Search’ released by Google for businesses has revealed the trends of internet users in Pakistan.

They provide insights into what Pakistani consumers search for online and how businesses can use these trends as opportunities.

This is similar to Google’s annual Air In Search report but focuses on aggregate searches rather than individual ones.

Faraz Azhar, Google Asia Pacific’s industry head for South Asia, said: “Code 19 has affected people in such a way that their basic ways have changed, everything has changed. It has also created a desire for us to stay in touch with and reward the larger community, as evidenced by the search for ‘charity’, which has grown by 41%.

Amir Altaf, Country Head, Google Customer Solutions, Sales Asia, said: “During 2020, we saw consumers embracing brands that were a source of joy and relief. Gaming, for example. Search for ‘online games’ increased by 35%, while in 2019 it decreased by 15%.

In the report, Google has mentioned five important trends.

Individual matters
During 2020, searches for ‘gender equality’ by Pakistani consumers increased by 40%. In addition, the search for mental health information and ‘mental health support’ increased by 100%.

Higher goals
Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, I’ll tell ya. According to Google, we saw a 128% increase in searches for ‘reusable’ items, an increase in its desire to actively engage with a wider community, and an increase in ‘charitable work’. Search increased by 122%.

Personal completion
Numerous Pakistani users have searched on Google for ways to balance their work and home tasks under one roof, and people have actively sought ways to balance them. Make the most of your time. ‘Kids Home Activities’ grew by more than 250%, while ‘how to stay useful’ searches grew by 71%. Similarly, in 2020, the search for ‘dubbed in the Urdu language’ in Pakistan (Google did not specify but refers to dramas or movies) increased by 328%.

Satisfaction and happiness
It is understandable that during 2020, people also found ways to relax and relieve stress. The search for gaming chairs increased by 90%. Social distance is a new way of life. The method, so the search for ‘Adopt a Pet’ increased by 700%. Numerous people also found ways to enable themselves to spend more time at home, and the search for recipes for making ‘Easy Desserts’ increased by 140%.

Protected from future effects
People are also strengthening their economic prospects by increasing their skills and financial knowledge. Search for ‘Stock Investing’ increased by 223%. In addition, there was an increase in active management with a 109% increase in the search for ‘disease prevention’ methods.

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