Horrible Road Accident in My City

Some people call an accident the result of a mistake or a blunder whereas some others call it a decree of fate. One, two or more accidents almost occur daily in a city. They are different in their nature, but the most common ones are road accidents which sometimes cause minor injuries to the victim and seldom cause to claim many lives. Last day I saw a road accident which killed two persons and injured more than 5 persons. Some people on the spot call an ambulance to the hospital nearby to save injured persons.
I was going to my University on foot when I saw a horse-driven cart, overcrowded with people whose number, as I guessed, was more than 9. It was a milk carriage cart. Which was loaded with the milk containers and the people? The coachman was driving the cart in the middle of the road without anxiety to meet an accident. It had slowed down following traffic. The situation lasted for some minutes. I was also walking along the road and lamenting the reckless behavior of the cart driver. When the cart reached the roundabout, a truck came speedily from the opposite side and collided with the cart. The collision was so severe that the truck had run over the cart. It had happened in a short sphere of time that I could not believe my sight. It seemed to me to be a nightmare.
When I got a little closer a big crowd had gathered around. Somebody told me that two riders of the cart had died at the spot. The horse was also badly crushed. The inverted cart looked damaged. The truck driver and the conductor sustain minor injuries Police had also reached the occurrence by then and were investigating as to who was at fault.
After some time an ambulance came there for it must have been given telephonic information. Nobody could believe that both the recklessness of the cart driver and the irresponsible driving of the truck driver would cause to claim lives.
Now the dead bodies were being carried on the stretcher. The two dead bodies also included the corpse of the one of cart driver who was moving on the road with his fellows some time ago but could not stay alive to witness the result of reckless driving.
The police had arrested the truck driver and conductor and taken the truck into their custody. The injured people were taken to nearby hospitals.
Then the crowd gradually began to disperse. I was also getting late for college. I tried to hurry up but the scene was flashing through my mind time and again. My feet became so heavy that I could hardly continue walking.  However, it was difficult to conclude that, it was the decree of fate or the blunder of the cart driver or that of the truck driver.

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