A Terrorist Attack in A Congested Public Place

Boo-oo-grrr-thah— off went a time bomb and a horrible blast shattered the peace of the atmosphere. I was cycling towards Rang Mahal when I heard this thundering sound just after I had crossed the Shah Almi chowk. The deafening sound was followed by an uproar of cries of pain. I guessed that the bomb had exploded at or near Rang Mahal chowk. Frankly speaking, I was so non-plussed as I fell down and lost my wits for a little while. The force of the explosion was so tremendous that the doors and windows of the buildings were still shaking.
I rose up, plucked courage and walked towards the scene of the accident. I was confronted with people rushing back from Shah Almi Bazaar. They were extremely horrified and terrified. A few whom I questioned could hardly speak any meaningful Word. They just rushed past. There were many others like mc who were, making their way towards Rang Mahal. In a few moments, everybody found himself caught in the worst kind of traffic jam. I left my bicycle at a shop and waded across the crowd towards the scene of the accident because I wanted to help the victims. After some time, I managed to reach there.
It was a terrorizing scene. The bomb had been planted in a Suzuki car which had been blown into pieces killing fifteen and wounding a large number of people. A few other cars had also been badly damaged nearby shops had been affected. Two shops had caught fire. The impact of the explosion was so great that it had created a ditch in the earth. The sight of scattered limbs of human bodies was awfully horrible. The wounded were moaning and shrieking painfully. There was a mixed smell of gun powder, burnt human flesh and burning products of leather, rubber, and plastic. It was indeed a gruesome scene. The onlookers were also weeping and crying. A few daring youths were trying to carry the wounded to some safe corner.
The panic and confusion had mounted. It was becoming harder and harder for the rescuers to take the injured people to the hospital.
Policemen had started clearing the road for the hasty passage of fire brigade and ambulances. Some shopkeepers showed great courage. They assisted the police and medical staff in rescuing the wounded. Firemen were fighting boldly against the blazing flames. Policemen asked the people to clear off the place making the rescue work easy. This terrorist activity of some enemy agents resulting in a huge loss of life and property had grieved me very much. I walked back with a heavy heart. I had noticed that our people lacked the training of behaving properly under such sorrowful accidents. The explosion left me pondering over the brutal nature of enemy agents who cause such a wholesale loss and suffering to their innocent fellow human beings. The government and law-enforcing agencies must fight against these subversive activities tactfully, skillfully and intelligently. They should also educate and train the public to remain calm and composed under such panicking circumstances.

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