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Dear Students of 9th Class

Today! now you can view or download our new notes according to the various board’s syllabus to improve your knowledge in a short time and prepared for an examination to obtain smart marks and make your future secure. We are very optimistic to create latest notes and thesis for the best of our efforts and provide an easy way to find solutions for your homework.

Q.1. What is science?

Answer: nature is beautifully ordered and coordinated in its activities and it operates under some principles. In order to understand these principles observations are made, experiments are done and logical conclusions are drawn. Such studies are called science. OR Systematic studies based on the principles of observations, experiments, and logical conclusions.


Chapter # 1 Introduction to Biology


Chapter # 2 Solving a Biological Problem


Chapter # 3 Biodiversity


Chapter # 4 Cells and Tissues


Chapter # 5 Cell Cycle


Chapter # 6 Enzymes


Chapter # 7 Bioenergetics


Chapter # 8 Nutrition


Chapter # 9 Transport

Q.2. What is Biology?

Answer: Biology is the scientific study of living things. The word biology has been derived from two Greek words “bios” meaning life and “logos” meaning “thought or reasoning’. In biology all aspects of living organisms, such as structure, functions, etc. are discussed. This chapter below contains Short Questions / Long Questions / Summary of the Chapter and Multiple Choice Questions and Answer. Which are very helpful for students of 10th Class. for more information you may like our Facebook page

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