10th Class Computer Notes Glossary

AlgorithmA set of steps that clearly defines a sequence of operations to solve a problem.
Assembly languageComputer language that consists of symbolic codes, developed to make computer programming easier than machine language.
Assignment operatorOperator used to assign a value to a variable
Break statementA statement used to exit from a loop as soon as a certain condition occurs.
Candid solutionA step by step solution of a problem that will produce correct result.
CommentsNotes that ore included in programs when a fact is to be brought to the attention of program’s reader.
CompilerComputer software that translates an entire program written in a high level language to solve a problem.
Computer programA sequence of instruction written in a computer programming language to solve a problem
Conditional statementAn instruction in a programming language that contains a condition based on which flow of execution of program statements is controlled.
ConstantA quantity whose value does not change during program execution.
ContinueA statement that causes a loop to be continued with the next iteration after skipping the remaining statements in the loop.
Do while loopA loop structure used in computer programs when it is required to execute the loop at least once.
Escape sequenceA combination of backslash and a code character to control printing of data on the screen.
FlowchartA diagrammatic representation of algorithm that illustrates the sequence of operations to be performed to solve a problem in the form of a diagram.
For loopA loop structure used to execute a set of statement repeatedly for a fixed number of times in a program.
Header fileA file that contains a set of predefined functions of C language
High level languageAn English oriented programming language commonly used to write computer programs.
Home pageThe main web page of a website that opens in a browser when users access it or the web page that automatically loads when a web browser is opened.
HTMLThe language of Internet’s world wide web for writing web pages.
HyperlinkText or image in a web page that links it to another Web page or another section of the same page when user clicks on it.
Integrated Development Environment (IDE)Computer software that is used to create, compile and run programs within one software.
Interneta worldwide network of computers for accessing and sharing information
InterpreterSoftware that translates a program written in a high level language into machine language, one instruction at a time and executes it immediately before translating the next instruction.
Karnaugh mapA pictorial form of truth table that provides a simple method for minimizing Boolean functions.
LinkerSoftware that takes one or more object files, generated by a compiler and combines them into a single executable program.
LoaderSoftware that loads programs into memory and then executes them.
Logic gateDigital circuit that has two or more logic inputs and producers a single output of low or high level determined by the logic inputs presented at the input
Logic operatorOperator used for building compound conditions in computer programs
LoopA statement in a programming language that allows one or more statement to be repeatedly executed as many times as required.
Machine languageComputer language that consists of zeroes and ones
Order of precedence of  peratorsThe rule that specifies the order in which operations are to be performed in an expression.
Preprocessor directivesInstruction for the c compiler at the beginning of program.
Relational operatorOperator used to compare two values of the same type, used in an expression when a decision is to be based on a condition in a program.
Reserved wordsWords that are part of programming language and have special purpose in programs
Search engineA website or software system that allows people to find information on WWW.
Selection structureA structure In programming that allows a choice of among various options.
SemanticGives meaning to statements in a programming language
Sequential structureRefers to execution of operation in the order in which they appear
SyntaxRefers to the rules of a programming language according which statements of a program are to be written
Text editorA simple word-processor that is used to create and edit source code of a program
Truth TableA table that represents a Boolean function
TypecastingA way to convert a variable form one data type to other data type
Uniform Resource Locator (URL)An internet address that identifies a website
VariableA symbolic name that represents a value that can change during execution of a program
Web browserSoftware that enables users to retrieve information on the Web (Internet)
Web serverComputer that makes Web pages available through internet
Web hostingRefers to uploading of Web pages to Web server so that others con access it
Web pageA document on the internet that can be accessed through a Web browser
Web portalA website that offers a large variety of services such as online shopping, news, stock prices, e-mail, search engine etc
WebsiteA collection of related Web pages hosted on a Web server and accessible through an internet address known as Uniform Resource Locator
While loopA repetition structure in a program used when the number of iterations is not known in advance and the repetition continues until some condition remains true


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