Class 12 English, Unit 5 Technology / Gender Inequality

This Unit contains THREE readings:

1) Technology ond Society of the future
2) Gender inequality is detrimental to society {Essay)
3) The School boy (Poem)

Pre Reading:

Technology and society of the future:
Life without modern technology and science is unconceivable. Life in the post was uncomfortable and arduous. Science and technology ore making progress and it is hoped that the future society will be more advanced and prosperous.
Gender inequality is detrimental to society:
A society makes progress when its members, mole and female work together to attain the notional goal. Equal rights should be given to women, otherwise they will not be able to contribute to the notion building.
The School Boy:
A school boy is naturally fond of enjoying holidays especially in the summer season which is spring time in England. A school boy wonts to stay at home and enjoy the nature. He considers the school to be a prison for children.

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