Class 12 English Lesson No. 20 King Lear

Lear, king of Britain, hod three daughters; Gonerill, wife to the duke of Albany; Regan, wife to the duke of Cornwall; and Cordelia, a young maid, for whose love the king of Fronce and duke of Burgundy were joint suitors, and were al this lime making slay for that purpose in the court of Lear. The old king, worn out with age and the fatigues of government, he being more than fourscore years old, determined to toke no further port in stole affairs, but to leave the management to younger strengths, that he might hove time to prepare for death, which must at no long period ensue. With this intent he called his three daughters to him, to know from their own lips which of them loved him best, that he might port his kingdom among them in such proportions
as their affection for him should seem to deserve.

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