The first case report of Monkey Pax in UAE

The first case of monkey pox, which started in Europe in May this year, was reported in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), causing panic in the Arab world. According to the news agency ‘Reuters’ , the UAE authorities confirmed the first monkey pox there on May 24, after which the monitoring of the disease was increased across the country.
Along with the United Arab Emirates, the case of Monkey Pax was also confirmed in European countries Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

According to the BBC, one case of monkey pox was reported on May 24 in both the European countries, after which the number of countries affected by monkey pox has increased to 18 so far. The highest number of monkey pox cases so far has been reported in Europe, with close to 100 cases, while the total number of cases worldwide has exceeded 130. Prior to the UAE, specialists in Israel had been treating a man for the past two weeks who they feared was infected with Monkey Pax.

Prior to the United Arab Emirates, Israel was the only country in the Middle East where the Monkey Pax case was reported.

Following the report of the case in the UAE, there has been a wave of concern in South Asian countries, including other Gulf countries, as travel between the UAE and South Asian countries is common.

There is currently no special vaccine for mumps in the world, but it is being treated with vaccines for other physical and itching diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has already stated that the recent increase in cases of monkey pox is a cause for concern. According to the World Health Organization, monkeys are not as contagious as the coxsackie coronavirus, they are only transmitted from person to person when they have had close physical or sexual contact.

Monkey Pax’s disease does not spread through the air like a corona, with a mortality rate of up to one percent.

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