WhatsApp data will be shared with Facebook from next month in February 2021

Data for the popular phone contact and video calling app, WhatsApp, will be shared with Facebook next month.
WhatsApp has also released new terms with an upgrade at the beginning of the year. And now from next month WhatsApp company your name, data, IP address, phone model, operating system, battery charging amount, signal intensity, browser type, mobile network, ISP, language, time zone, and Even the IMEA will find out and all this information will be given to Facebook. Meanwhile, the WhatsApp company has also announced that it will monitor the exchange of any business or commercial information released on its platform. WhatsApp will also be able to listen to your messages, as some businesses are using third-party software or software (including Facebook) to stay in touch with their users. Initially, WhatsApp stopped working on many smartphones.

But even after the account is deleted, your data and information will remain on the WhatsApp platform. Interestingly, the 27 countries of the European Union will not be affected by this new policy.

European countries have recently introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which requires all companies to protect and ensure consumer data, regardless of whether the company is located in any country in the world.

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