If you want to replace WhatsApp with Telegram, first find out

Changes to WhatsApp’s privacy policy have added millions of new users to its rival messaging apps, Telegram and Signal, who want to keep their messages out of the reach of others.

But one thing most people ignore or don’t know is that unlike signals, telegrams do not have end-to-end encryption by default.

End-to-end encryption means that only the sender and receiver can see the messages, not even the app’s host servers.

Even if those servers are hacked, it is not possible for hackers to access users’ messages.

So it would be fair to say that end-to-end encryption is an essential element of secure messaging.

New York Times technology reporter Mike Isaac clarified the difference between a signal and a telegraph in a tweet.

“Signal is a classic messenger with end-to-end encrypted by default, while Telegram is like a social network plus messenger with no end-to-end encryption by default,” he wrote.

The FAQ page also clarifies that the user can use the ‘Secret’ chat feature for end-to-end encrypted chat.

Telegram has public, private, and secret chat modes.

Secret chat is between two people, which means that Telegram’s private group is not encrypted and encrypted.

In contrast, Signal is by default end-to-end encrypted, just like WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger does not have encryption by default, but like Telegram, it has to use the secret chat mode feature.

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, also has chats and end-to-end encryptions between groups, friends, and family, but not in business chats in the coming months.

The new privacy policy changes business chat encryption, which was supposed to take effect on February 8, but the implementation of the policy was postponed until May 15 due to strong consumer reaction.

As mentioned above, conversations between people in WhatsApp are encrypted by default, but this protection will not be available on chats from any business account after May 15 but will be accessible to Facebook or third parties.

When users start chatting with a business account, a light blue message will appear at the top indicating that some kind of privacy is being provided.

A yellow message above guarantees end-to-end encryption when chatting on a business account right now.

In simple terms, the signal is always end-to-end encrypted, WhatsApp has friends, family and now business has end-to-end encryption, but after a few months, business chats will not have this protection.

Facebook Messenger and Telegram are by default end-to-end encrypted, where the secret chat is required.

In the Telegram, this facility is used only for communication between 2 people.

So if you want to choose a messaging app to protect your messages, you have to make this decision considering all the factors.

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