Visa Policy for Foreign Tourists in Pakistan, there are many spots for travelers to explore

The new visa policy of Pakistan

Pakistan government have announced to launch very soon in which new rules will be introduced to facilitate the foreigners we will discuss it with different angles, what’s the potential of tourism in Pakistan we’ll go through some stats and do some comparisons with other countries and we’ll go through all the points presented in the new visa policy. Pakistan will provide e visa facility to 175 countries and visa on arrival to 50 countries.The step is taken to provide a less complicated visa services to foreigners. Pakistan had made the visa process difficult after the 9/11 which made it difficult for the foreigner to travel to the country. It is being estimated that the new policy will get the process smooth. before that Pakistan was offering visa on arrival to 24 countries and now it is extended to 50 countries. 30 years back, many countries used to offer visa on arrival to Pakistan including countries like UK Then war on terror started and now only those countries offer visa on arrival to Pakistan which are not very popular.

Visa Policies after 9/11 

After 9/11, visa policies all over the world got more strict and in these days, for a Pakistani to land in USA is a big deal. Pakistan’s passport worth got worse in recent years Pakistan is offering visa on arrival to Indian based British,  American Citizens who have UK or USA passport. All the International Air Travelers Agencies (IATA) travel agencies now can bring groups to Pakistan. Many people in travel business in Pakistan are now optimistic that they can earn more revenues as the profit margins were going down amidst the slump. We have also made some alterations in visa limitations for foreigners let’s see what alterations have been made. process for work visa for 96 countries have been made simpler Pakistan Board of Investment will issue them a letter within 8 to 10 days. This step has been taken to boost the business environment in the country. Duration for diplomatic visa has been extended to 3 years from one year and student visa to 2 years from one. Religious Visa will be granted for 45 days. Ease in getting Journalist Visa is also proposed. Post 9/11, many journalists rushed to Pakistan with negative agenda. That why Pakistan had imposed some restrictions on foreign journalists. The restriction to travel in only three cities have also been lifted.

 No Objection Certificates

Foreign tourists will not require no-objection certificates (NOCs) to visit cantonments, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and Gilgit Baltistan Now we will discuss some stats on tourism and potential How far we can reach and also will analyze  comparisons with other countries. and as usual, we will give some suggestions in the end. Pakistan’s tourism industry is about $8 billion industry with $50 billion potential. This is very less, let me give you an example. Europe is the most favorite tourist destinations in the world. If we take only Turkey’s example, Turkey is earning $40 billion from its tourism. while Pakistan earns only $8 billion despite of the fact that Turkey doesn’t have Big Mountain Regions like Pakistan They don’t have mountain ranges like Karakorum, Himalayan. They make the most out of their less diverse region. The environment is so good that it makes Turkey one of the top travel destinations in the world.

 Business and Cultural Resources

The position of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for cultural resources 56th and business travel which indicates a great potential for Pakistan’s tourism. Pakistan is ranked 124th out of 136 countries in Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index which is very low Globally, the tourism industry accounts for nearly 10% of the world GDP while its share in Pakistan is merely 2.7% of GDP which needs to be go up at least 5% Beach Tourism is something Prime Minister discussed in his first speech. We have stunning beaches which are not yet properly explored. Its strange because other countries like Thailand, India promote their beach tourism. We have the perfect weather for beach tourism. Many beaches along the province of Balochistan coastal area are undiscovered. Throughout the area, there are stunning beaches. In 70s, Pakistan’s beach tourism was flourishing with a single Karachi port. Foreign Tourists used to spend their holidays in Karachi With the rise of Dubai, Karachi experienced worsened law and order situation.Visa policy for foreign tourists in Pakistan, there are many spots for travelers to explore and beach tourism in the region was largely shifted to Dubai from Karachi. A small country United Arab Emirates, is now giving loans to us.

 There many spots to visit

Pakistan’s province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is filled with breathtaking scenic valleys. Gilgit Baltistan is unmatched beauty. Pakistan have the mighty mountains which Foreign Mountaineers come to scale each year. K2, Nanga Parbat, Rakaposhi There are cultural, religious and historical sites of old religions and civilizations like Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism. Taxila, Hassan Abdal, Mohenjo Daro, Ranikot Fort (Great Wall of Pakistan) in Sindh and Harrapa in Punjab We have desert in South Punjab Named Cholistan. Derawar Fort and Bahawalpur City are of importance in South Punjab. And Sindh province have also a desert named Tharparkar, Punjab also have a desert named Cholistan. We have a diversity in regions, weathers and beauty. In deserts, there should be activities like Dubai to generate income. We have jeep rallies organised near Derawar Fort but they are held on low scale. The potential is not being cashed properly. There is an ongoing Ski event in Naltar Valley, a beautiful place 25 kms of Gilgit. We should have more events like this as we have spots with full of potential. Malaysia is a small country than Pakistan w.r.t area, but still earning double in tourism than Pakistan. They are earning $20 billion from travel and tourism. Tourism can help Pakistan’s economy if proper policies are implemented. We need to have an integrated policy involving all provinces. Govt should encourage private public partnerships for this industry. For this, govt also need to support Entertainment and Sports Industry. Artists and Sportsperson play a huge part in glorifying softer image of the country.

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