Samsung's new flagship Phone Galaxy S11 will be the company's first phone with a 108 Megapixel Camera.

The claim was made by Twitter user Ice University in a tweet about smartphone companies often leaking credibly.  It is to be noted that at present, most major companies’ phones offer 12 to 16-megapixel cameras in flagship phones. Samsung announced in August that the 108-megapixel camera sensor was first introduced in Xiaomi’s smartphones. But it was unclear when the company would use the sensor itself, but now it looks like the Galaxy S11 will be its first phone.
Usually having a megapixel high is not guaranteed to take good pictures, in fact, Google is using a 12-megapixel camera in pixel phones and it is called the best smartphone camera.
In fact, better software and processing capabilities than megapixels improve smartphone camera images. But Samsung’s 108-megapixel camera will be able to take better pictures in low light. Earlier, it was leaked that the Galaxy S11 will be the first phone to be given 5X optical zoom for which it is also producing the optical zoom module.
According to various reports, there will be 4 cameras on the back of the Galaxy S11, which may have a 3D sensing TOF module. It is expected that the Galaxy S11 will be introduced in February or March next year and the leaks will continue till this time.

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