Basic Microsoft Word II

Now, it’s moving

much more freely. I was not able to do this before. I was not able to click and drag and put the picture wherever I wanted it to be, but just by changing the options to Behind Text or in Front of Text, now it’s unlocked that photo and I can put it literally anywhere in this document that I want it to be. It really doesn’t matter. So that’s a nice little trick that you’ll want to know and be able to use in your own documents. I also want you to know that you can insert online pictures, and this is a great option. You can connect to the internet and do searches and find images, find clipart, and things that are on the web, and then just click and drag to drop them into your project. So that’s a really nice option to have. Now, before we move away from the photo and move on to the topics, I want you to notice this Format tab that I mentioned earlier. When you click on a photo and then the format tab, it gives you some options to do some things that are really nice. You can remove the background. In this case, it wasn’t very successful in how I removed the background. You can alter the color scheme in lots of ways. You can do some corrections, and there are some artistic effects.

exciting things

And so there are some pretty exciting things you could come up with, some creepy images here with this skeleton. I’m going to undo that but these photo effects are really pretty nice. You can compress the picture as well and do some other exciting things. There are also some picture styles. Skeleton here and there are all sorts of different frames. You can have a kind of a fuzzy border around the skeleton. If you’d like, you can make it almost 3D with some of these 3D effects. So some really nice options. So when I clicked on Crop, it gave me some additional lines and edges and things like that. So I can use that to crop out part of the photo – whoops – and I have to make sure I get the exact line there, and then I can just click outside the box and it makes that crop effective. So watch out for this format tab. It’ll appear and give you some wonderful options that you need to be aware of. There are also all sorts of other great options, especially shapes are especially good. You can put in arrows. You can put in call-outs. You can put in squares, rectangles, circles, plus signs – all sorts of great shapes that are useful especially for teachers and students. And I want you to know that you can also add a text box. Now how is the text box special? How is it different from the regular text that you’re typing in? Basically, a text box is an additional text that can float on top of your document. So I’m gonna go with the simple text box and I’ll type in a wonderful message here and then click away. Now it is interacting with that text and if I don’t want that to happen, I can use this button here to make it be behind the text, the other text, or in front of the text. I’m going to go with behind, and so now I can drag it freely so similar to how I fixed this photo and made it so that I could drag it anywhere I wanted it to be. It’s similar to text that’s in a text box. Okay, nowhere in the review tab, a few other basics that you need to know about whenever you’re writing a paper or a report or even a worksheet like this. It’s important to get the spelling right and you can see here on the Review tab, you can click Spelling and Grammar and it will check for spelling mistakes. It looks like it found one. I don’t know how I possibly misspelled this word but I did and, if it can, Microsoft Word will suggest alternate spellings that are correct. There are also some great options, like Word Count if you’re a student and the teacher has said I want you to create at thousand-word essay or report, you can just click to get a word count and it’ll tell you how many characters, how many words, how many pages, etc. There’s also a wonderful thesaurus to help you use a variety of words instead of using the same word over and over. That’s very helpful. If you’re a student and you’re finishing an assignment, let’s say or maybe you’re a teacher and you’ve put together what you want to print and give to the students, how do you go from there? Well, one of the first things that you need to do is to consider if you have the right line spacing and things like that. Especially for students, maybe the teacher has said I want you to double space your paper.

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