The Problem of Population Increasing At a Very Fast Rate

Over-population is taken into account to be one in all the foremost advanced issues Janus-faced by the globe nowadays as a result of the global population is increasing at an awfully quick rate. Some plan of this high rate could also be shaped by the facts that up to 1830 the whole world population was just one billion; in 1930 it redoubled to 2 billion, in 1950, it had been 3 billion; in 1975, it went up to concerning four billion; by the tip of this century, it’ll nearly definitely shoot up to eight billion if it continues increasing at this rate !

But, what’s over-population? If a rustic is thickly inhabited however it’s therefore well developed economically that its resources area unit totally used to satisfy the essential desires of its individuals, it can not be termed overpopulated. If, however, the population of a rustic is much in more than its obtainable economic resources, it’ll be inevitably termed as over-populated. Most countries of the globe, particularly the developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, area unit over inhabited.

This has created the matter terribly serious; therefore serious, indeed, that economists typically discuss with it because of the population bomb or the population explosion.

The one most vital reason for over-population is, of course, the actual fact that kinsmen are multiplying themselves therefore quick that the economic process of states has lagged for behind. however, there’s one more reason additionally. this is often the falling death rate while not a corresponding decline within the birth rate. The governments have undertaken a variety of measures to forestall epidemics, use of life-saving medicine, in-depth medical facilities, etc. The result’s that the growing population nearly fare up no matter the economic progress the countries create. If this high rate of birth continues, the population could increase and multiply at even a quicker rate within the future.

The growth of Asia is extremely quick their area unit few countries have a population of virtually two-third of the full population of the globe. as well as China and the Asian nations. Asia encompasses a giant population of the globe and additionally the largest by total space that’s why growth is additionally trying terribly high.

The problem of sensational growth has received serious attention from governments. the concept of Planned parentage is being advanced as a form of a curative for checking the birth rate. This, of course, goes to prove an awfully effective step and has, therefore, become a vicinity of governmental policies. It means that the perfect size of a family in proportion to its resources however alongside Planned parentage, quick economic process, that is, quicker than the birth rate, should even be planned well. All the mineral, power, agricultural, and industrial resource ought to even be abroach. once of these resources area unit exploited, and wealth is equitably distributed, the population bomb is subtle it’s been justifiedly aforesaid that the population drawback is Dot one in all the mere size of a family, however additionally of economical production and just distribution.

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