10th Class / Grade English Notes Chapter # 12 A Village Fair

Question and Answers

Q.1  Why was the village decorated?

Ans. When Bilal reached his cousin’s village he saw that the village was beautifully decorated with colourful buntings and flags unusually. The reason behind that decoration was that the annual village fair was being celebrated.

Q.2  Why was it the best time to visit the village?

Ans. Bilal visited the village in his summer vacations. It would be best time for him to visit the village because the villagers were celebrating annual fair which is held only once in year. Bilal luckily experienced the amazing sights of this fair.

Q.3  How did the juggler entertain the people?

Ans. The juggler entertained the people through his funny and amazing tricks. He juggled with seven balls at a time without dropping any of them. It was a great game of practice and skill.

Q.4  How did the conjurer perform his tricks?

Ans.The conjurer performed several unbelievable tricks through his clever skill. He took Bilal’s handkerchief and tore it into pieces. Later on he astonished the audience by returning the handkerchief in just one piece.

Q.5  What is tent-pegging?

Ans. Tent -Pegging is a typical feature of Pakistani fair and a popular country game. In this game, the horse rider has to pull up the wooden pegs fixed in the ground. They do this with the help of lances.

Q.6  What made the dogs run in the dog race?

Ans. Dog race is a kind of fascinating entertainment for the villagers in which the skill of hound dongs is examined. In the fair, a rabbit was brought in the field and was let loose inform of the dogs, which made the dogs run.

Q.7  What was the special announcement?

Ans. The special announcement was about the horse race. s it is the general feature of a fair, that’s why most of the people rushed to view their favourite segment of the fair.

Q.8  What kinds of shops had been setup for the fair?

Ans. Mostly the temporary shops had been set up for the fair. All kinds of goods from handkerchiefs to framing tools were available in these shops. They were the special faculty for this fair.

Q.9  What was the use of these shops for the villagers?

Ans. The temporary shops set up for the fair provided feasibility to both buyers and  seller. People from far off places easily bought essential commodities of life. Where as, it was a good time for the sellers to avail business opportunity.

Q.10  What were the different entertainments in the fair for the children?

Ans. Thee were different entertainments for the children in the fair. These entertainments include swings, the monkey man show and the show performed by the circus people. Children enjoyed it a lot.


  1. Decorated – Our school was beautifully decorated on the occasion of Eid Milad-un- Nabi.
  2. Competition – A soldier was badly wounded during the shooting competition.
  3. Performance – A Major was awarded medal because of his performance during the war.
  4. Temporary – Temporary arrangements have been made for the prevention of crime.
  5. Damaged – The car was badly damaged after a small accident.


1.Complete the following sentences

  1. The drummer who could beat the longest work get a prize.
  2. The two friends moved towards a crowd which had gathered in a big circle.
  3. The food that we ate was delicio
  4. The man whom we saw climbing the pole had been walking on the tight rope.
  5. The rider whose horse had won the race was very happy.
  6. I went to the village where my cousin was living.
  7. I visited him when the village fair was in full swing.

2. Tense Changing into Past.

  1. We do our home

Ans. We did our homework at night.

2.  The pupils write a composition.

Ans. The pupils wrote a composition in the half-time.

3.  My friend walks to school.

Ans. My friend walked to school in the morning.

4.  The Headmaster teaches us English.

Ans. The Headmaster taught us English in the last period.

5.  The peon rings the bell.

Ans. The peon rang the bell at 1’O clock.

6.  My mother does not sleep well.

Ans. My mother did not sleep well.

7.  His brother loses his book.

Ans. His brother lost his book in the assembly.

8.  The eagle flies very high.

Ans. The eagle flew very high in the sky.

9.  The cobbler sits under a tree.

Ans. The cobbler sat under a tree at noon.

10.  They grow rice on this farm.

Ans. They grow rice on this farm in the winter season.

3. Degrees of Adjectives

  1. old – older- oldest
  2. young – younger- youngest
  3. great – greater – greatest
  4. big – bigger – biggest
  5. far – more far – most far
  6. famous – more famous – most famous
  7. beautiful – more beautiful – most beautiful
  8. popular – more popular – most popular
  9. intelligent – more intelligent – most intelligent
  10. delicious – more delicious – most delicious

4. Forms of Verbs

  1. know – knew – known
  2. heat – heated – heated
  3. learn – learnt – learnt
  4. sing – sang – snag
  5. read – read – read
  6. listen – listened – listened
  7. go – went – gone
  8. write – wrote – written
  9. make – made – made
  10. wear – wore – worn
  11. live – lived – lived


1.  A Village Fair

Last month, we visited a village fair. The fair was representing the festive mood of the rusic people. The village was specially decorated with colourful buntings and flags and was crowded with a large number of people. Many temporary shops had been set up which were the special faculty for the fair. These shops were providing feasibility for the  visitors as well as for the shopkeepers. There was a lot of entertainment for different age groups especially children like swings, monkey man show, drum beating competition, horse race etc. The circus people were also presenting their funny and amazing tricks to fascinate people. Tent – pegging and the dog race were two very popular games of the fair. In tent-pegging the training and skill to horse and the rider is examined skill of dogs is examined through the dog race. We were very enchanted to see the beautiful sights of the fair.

2.  Tent-Pegging

Tent-pegging is one of the most popular and famous sport of Pakistan. It is an important heritage of our culture. In this game wooden pegs are fixed in the ground. The riders have to pull these pegs out of the ground with the help of their spear, as they ride by at a  gallop. Tent-pegging is a exhibit of skill in which the training invested on the horse and the skill of trainee and the rider is tested. It is great game of joy in addition to practice  and skill.

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