10th Class / Grade English Notes Chapter # 13 Speak Gently

Central Idea


The writer of this poem is anonymous. But the tone of the poetry represents the poem is a part of Moorish poetry.

Central Idea

Speaking gently to everyone is a good trait in our character. By being gentle we are likely to loose nothing and gain much in terms of friendship. Good will and even material rewards. It places our character and personality in a very good light and creates an everlasting impression in the minds of others.


“Kindness is more important than wisdom and recognition of it is the beginning of wisdom.”


This Moorish poem is written by an anonymous poet. This poem emphasis upon speaking gently. By speaking gently we can attain the spiritual power of rule. Treating someone harshly is a kind of moral sin which can devastate our good deeds. Speak gently is the best way to train a child and win over his love and trust. If you don’t adopt the mild attitude your teachings will not persist for a prolong period. Our attitude should be soft to the aged and old people in order to create such an atmosphere in which they can pass their remaining days peacefully. Speak mildly does not cause and burden to you. These soft words create a forever impression on the other’s hearts. The reward of adopting this habit is that in this mortal world is the good deeds and the everlasting pleasure. It also brings reward in the eternal life.

Question and Answers

Q.1  What is the result of adopting harsh attitude?

Ans. To speak harshly is a kind of ethical and social sin which can devastate our good deeds we should produce mildness in our character. This is the only way through which we can provide security to our good deeds which we have done in this mortal world.

Q.2  What resemblance does he find between hearts and the deep well?

Ans. The poet finds resemblance between and deep well because like deep well we cannot assume what is deeply within human heart. One thing is sure that the soft words go deeply in the heart and we cannot assume these words out of the hearts.

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