The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Big City Lahore

There are many advantages and disadvantages to living in a big city like Lahore. Lahore is the capital of Punjab. It is called a city of school and colleges. Most of the offices of the Provincial Government are situated in Lahore. It is for this reason that eminent and distinguished personalities like leading lawyers, very efficient doctors, surgeons, scholarly and experienced and foreign qualified teachers work in the best colleges. In Lahore we have medical colleges, engineering universities, polytechnic institutes and above all there are many private colleges for those students who are busy during the day or for those students who want to improve their studies further. Lahore is the second-largest city in Pakistan.
In most of the colleges of Lahore like G.C and F.C, The Kinnard College, Medical Colleges, students with high-class marks are admitted. There is a competition among the students of these colleges. As Lahore is a city of the great men the students who study in Lahore have very high ambitions and aspirations and therefore, it is the students of these colleges who appear for P.C.S and C.SS. Therefore, the students who live in big cities are ambitions to get high posts. The people settled at long distances find their children a source of worry to them. They have to take their children to schools and bring them back in the afternoon they have no peace of mind. Another big problem is transport.
The number of buses, wagons, vans and motor rickshaws is limited and therefore buses and other vehicles are overcrowded. Therefore some of the passengers hang from the heedless of the buses and fall down. Many murders on our roads take place every day. In big cities, there are many peddlers in drugs. There are many dens of bandits. If on the one hand gentlemen live in big cities, every roundabout of Lahore, every traffic crossing is controlled by a bandit. Owing to overpopulation the sanitary system is not satisfactory. Our street has scattered heaps of garbage. Which are not removed by the sweepers? concerned, and they begin to stink and many diseases break out in an epidemic There is a lot of traffic and many motor cars and buses use diesel oil, these buses emit a lot of smoke and the atmosphere of the big cities is polluted. In big cities, the contaminated water is used for eating and drinking purposes.
Eight categories of environmental problems were studies pertaining to Lahore based on their importance and appearance in the newspapers. These categories were Air Pollution, Noise Pollution, Water Quality, Sanitation, Solid Waste Management, Legislative Compliance, Industrial Effluents, and Global Warming/ Climate Change. Interviews with environmental reporters and environmental researchers were also conducted.
I have been living in Lahore for a very long time. I am fed up with the Lahore atmosphere. I often desire to go to an open place near a village where there must be plenty of greenery.

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