Science a boon or a bane ?

Science is also referred to as a mixed blessing. it’s created our life peaceful and comfy. however, it’s additionally stuffed it with fears and tears. The invention of the wheel, electricity and marvel drug, antibiotic has revolutionized human life. currently, our life has become safer, easier and lighter than that of our ancestors, United Nations agency lived in precarious conditions, Stifling heat of the sun, wrath of natural calamities, bloody jaws of the fatal diseases and therefore the ghastly face of famines were the constant threat to the terrible survival of our forefathers. however, currently, we’ve conquered time and house and have tamed all the forces of nature. We have, in fact, up from rock bottom position of cavemen to the very best position of spacemen.
Only one hundred years agone, man’s life was most unsure. Diseases like malaria; epidemic cholera, measles, enteric fever, and little pox that’ aren’t any additional thought of fatal were thought of a positive decision from death. currently by exploitation completely different scientific strategies, we’ve solved such issues because of the causes of diseases and its bar. Life-saving medication and therefore the invention of various operating theatre instrumentality have brought several patients back from the jaws of death to the lap of life.
Science has additionally done loads to scrub, beautify and illuminate our homes and cities. Our town streets are made-up, lit and well-drained. we’ve water system that has clean water for home use. The dirty water is carried through sealed pipes to disposal plants. Iron, steel, atomic number 13 and even glass are often wrought and given completely different shapes to suit we would like and style. In our homes we’ve refrigerators to stay our food recent for months, air-conditioners and heaters to alter climate consistent with our selection and plenty of alternative machines that cook our food, clean our homes, and wash our garments.
Science has additionally improved our means that of communication, diversion, and transportation. Airplanes, ships, trains, buses, cars, and cycles have shortened the distances. On our TV sets, we will watch, a match being competed thousands of miles aloof from our home. equally phone, camera, VCR and magnetic recorder have brought the voices and faces of our close to and costliness getting ready to America. The dish aerial has brought the individuals of various castes, creeds, colors, and countries thus getting ready to each other that a world village is within the creating during which all variations of cultures, customs, languages and social manners can die their natural death.
The most necessary impact of scientific inventions and investigations is on the human mind and manners. currently, we’ve become additional vital and realistic in our attitudes and aptitudes than our ancestors. Mysterious happenings and supernatural events don’t attract our attention. we have a tendency to believe solely such things as ar supported facts. thus superstitions are losing ground and blind religion is being discarded.
But this is often solely the intense aspect of the image. we have a tendency to cannot ignore the dark and dismal aspects of science and forget that typically it seems “red in tooth and claw” destroying human life and civilization. Man’s urge for authority and his want to realize management over his fellow-men have compelled to show this boon into a curse. He has unreal calamitous war weapons that may extinguish the entire world in no time. variety of scientific inventions that may be accustomed ameliorate the ton of the immeasurable naked, hungry and homeless individuals are being employed to multiply their miseries and misfortunes.

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