The Issue of Jammu & Kashmir between Pakistan and India

The fate of Kashmir has been hanging in the balance’ since the division of the sub-continent into India and Pakistan. The Maharaja of Kashmir announced the affiliation of the state with India against the wish of the people of Kashmir. They, being Muslims, naturally wanted to join Pakistan. They took up arms against India to win freedom from her. Mujahidin and the government of Pakistan stood by the freedom fighters against the Indian aggression. India vent to the UN with a request for cease fire. The UN in its resolution ordered cease fire on the condition that the future of Kashmir would be decided by the Kashmir’s through plebiscite. Liaquat-Nehru pact brought end to this war. Unfortunately, India hacked out of her promise of holding plebiscite in Indian held Kashmir.
In 1965, the Muslims again took up arms against India. This time India attacked Pakistan. A horrible war continued for seventeen days without any positive result. The economies of both the countries were badly shattered.
In 1991, the freedom fighters once again rose up in arms against India. She tried her best to put down the freedom movement but in vain. Frustrated, she has started worst kind of atrocities in the valley. Thousands of innocent people have been forced to flee from their native land and take refuge in Pakistan. There is looting and killing every, where. This extremely beautiful valley is filled with smoke rising from burning houses. It is littered with the blood of innocent people. It resounds with the firing guns and the wailing of the wounded.
Indian BSF and army personnel are butchering the innocent Kashmiris without discrimination. Thousands of women have been raped. The refugees coming to Pakistan have hair-stirring stories to tell. Indian invasion and capture of the Dargah Hazrat Ball (November 1993) was the hallmark of her aggression. Sopur, a Muslim town, was razed to ground by Indian army. Many other villages were set on fire.
India has flatly refused to hold plebiscite in the valley. She is not ready to give the right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir. The P.M of India has once again announced on the 15th of August, 1995, that Kashmir was the integral” part of India. The relations between India and Pakistan arc torn asunder. A deadly war may break out between the two, involving many other Muslim countries. It might bring total destruction and utter ruin of these two countries. The world agencies and the USA most come forward and help the Kashmiris in getting their right of self determination. Let the nations of the world try to bring peace in this beautiful valley.
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