It is aforesaid that man is born with a noble nature however with the passage of your time he loses his nobility and becomes the devil’s follower. The question is what makes him lose his innate goodness. Usually, we have a tendency to lay blame on circumstances. however, is that the man the creature of circumstances or is it he who creates circumstances? the actual fact is that God has placed each sensible and evil in man’s nature. Man is at liberty to prefer either of the 2. people who have a firm belief in God don’t tread upon the evil path. They face all the pains of life with a smiling face basic cognitive process that their, goodness will definitely bear fruit within the life hereafter. Those whose religion in God is weak and who need to fancy all the luxuries and comforts of life during this material world fall straightforward prey to evil.

Unfortunately, individuals happiness to the second class square measure within the majority. These square measure the folks that like their own interests to the interests of their country, their neighbors and even their close to and pricey ones. Falsehood, narrowness, rudeness, corruption, dishonesty, nepotism, hoarding, smuggling, profiteering square measure a number of the evils that these individuals use as their tools to achieve worldly comforts.

All these evils square measure current in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan conjointly. These evils have seeped into the veins of our society. principally the folks that claim to be the Muslims and speak a lot of concerning Islam and its teachings square measure at risk of such evils. virtually in each field of life, be it education, medicine, business or government service, you may notice the bulk of the individuals neglecting their duties, taking bribes, misusing funds, behaving discourteously with their colleagues and subordinates and dawdling in loose speak. leg-pull and backbiting square measure their favorite hobbies. equally talking concerning wealth and ladies is their best pursuit. Islam prohibits America from inflicting pain upon others. however, this is often what we have a tendency to all do most of the time in our lives. we have a tendency to abuse our oldsters. we have a tendency to produce difficulties for our neighbors. we have a tendency to neglect the rights of our servants. we have a tendency to hate exertions and wish to accumulate plenty of cash through dishonest means and shortcuts. it’s owing to these evils that even once the sixty years of the creation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan we have a tendency to square measure a backward nation narrowness and terrorist act.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad All solon was totally conscious of these social evils In his speech to the primary Constituent Assembly of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, he mentioned of these evils one by one associated stressed upon the necessity of uprooting them with an iron hand. we have a tendency to unheeded his recommendation. these days we’ve got gained nuclear power, however, we’ve got lost our ethical power. Our ethical bankruptcy has brought America at a juncture wherever we will represent the lap of either the Americans or the Indians.

If we wish to avert this disaster we have a tendency to should follow the teachings of Islam. “Do sensible and have good’ ought to be the watchword of our life. God, Himself has aforesaid that He might forgive him who have unheeded His rights however he who ignores the rights of the different citizenry can ne’er be forgiven. All social evils, in a method or another, usurp the rights of the individuals and build this world a hell. Our ‘Namaz’ and ‘Roza’ please none however America solely. however, if we have a tendency to stop doing something that will offer pain to the other creature of God, we will please our God associated build this world a profane paradise.

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