It seems very difficult to describe the strange sensation, which I felt on my first day in college. Actually certain things can only be felt. I had so often dreamt of being a college student while I was at school. I had always longed to be free from the tiring burden of school and the frightening sign of Mola Bakhash. I knew that college was the place free from all threats, terror, and toil. I worked very hard, got A-grade in Secondary School Examination and was admitted to the Government College of my city.
It was a bright sunny morning of 7th September when first-year classes were to start. I put on new clothes and went to college I Was so happy when a group of senior students received me at the college gate. They were so kind and helpful. They gave me and the other students a VIP treatment. We were so much impressed by their hospitality. They led us to a remote corner and asked us to sing and dance. They laughed at us and made fun of us. Only then we realized that they were making “first-year fools” of us. They sprayed colors on us and spoiled our clothes. Soon a tall man came to our rescue. He was the DPE who freed us from the senior students. Soon the bell rang and we went to our classrooms. To be frank, we felt like stray cats at such a large place where there were so many rooms. Senior students played tricks on us and led us to the wrong rooms.
Anyhow, after a little confusion I was able to find my classroom. Soon a well-dressed gentleman entered the room. He was our Lecturer-in-English. He introduced himself to us and wrote the names of the textbooks on the blackboard. He talked to us about college rules and other good things. But unfortunately, most of us couldn’t make out what he was saying because he was speaking in English as fluently as our teachers at school spoke in Punjabi. Moreover, it was not the Punjabi kind of English which we were used to. After some time the bell rang and we moved to another room. It seemed as if the whole college were moving.
We had hardly settled in the next room when another gentleman stepped in. He had a long gray beard and silver-gray hair. He was our Professor of Physics. Physically, he was lean and thin, but he was so dominating. He also spoke to us in English. Perhaps the teachers had also decided to make “first Year fools” of us. We also befooled them by nodding our heads as if we understood them. Everything appeared strange and new to us. Frankly speaking, we couldn’t understand what they were saying to us, but we had decided to play a trick on them by showing them that we fully understood them and agreed with them this practice of moving from room to room continued for some time and then it was over. We were free to go home. Thus my first day at college came to an end.