Meta Company has introduced colorful stickers, emojis, 3D avatars and card packs for Earth and Instagram for Messenger.

Facebook’s parent company Meta has announced that it will offer a beautiful green theme, sticker and reaction on Messenger on Earth Day on April 22. Especially for children, pictures and sketches have been made on various topics that describe our relationship with nature and the earth. They have been implemented since today so that children and adults can understand the importance of our common home planet. On the other hand, we are urged to move forward on the basis of action and play our role in saving the planet. The creator of this Everyday Earth theme is the famous animator and digital artist Erin Quinn who has created camera stickers that children will love. All these pictures on the role of nature and environment in daily life are also being released for Instagram and Messenger. The EarthChat theme also has 3D avatar stickers featuring themes of Nature, Climate, Earth, Climate Action, Recycling and Sustainable Development. In addition, words can be expressed under the same themes and effects that look great. Similarly, group effects can also be selected in Messenger and Instagram video calls, thanks to which the whole theme of the video conversation becomes the subject of life and the earth. In addition, a collection of digital cards called Science Labs is being introduced, which is expected to continue for the next several months. In the children’s version of Facebook Messenger, children will also be able to decorate their photos with Earth Day frames, stickers and augmented reality masks.

There is also a complete set of stickers for emojis used in chat which can also be added to Instagram stories. Also included are animated GIFs. Meta seems to have consciously intended to promote Earth Day instead of the formal and has developed word effects, chat themes, 3D avatars, 3D stickers, animated emojis and much more. All these features have been activated in the relevant option.