People from all walks of life experience various problems such as fatigue, stress, depression and anxiety while performing their duties. According to the World Health Organization, such symptoms are the result of burnout syndrome. According to the WHO, burnout is a combination of symptoms that result from chronic office stress and is usually followed by overwork and fatigue. Burnout syndrome not only affects performance but also causes feelings of stress or anxiety, but it is also true that some people cope with office requirements better than others. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world, offers an easy way to avoid burnout syndrome. Bill Gates founded Microsoft when he was 20 years old.

In 1984, at the age of 28, Bill Gates told NBC that Microsoft’s revenue would exceed 100 million this year. But Bill Gates was confident even then that it would not have a negative effect on him. When asked why he was confident he would not face a burnout in the next few years, he said it was because Microsoft was different every day.

“What we’re doing is not what we’re doing all the time, we go to our offices and think of new programs, we get together for meetings, we go out and talk to customers,” he said. Meet and talk There is a lot of diversity in our work and there are always new things, I don’t think there will come a time when I will get bored with my work. Judging by the achievements of Bill Gates, it is clear that he was right. Regardless of Bill Gates, experts say that it is possible to avoid burnout by avoiding the same daily routine.

There are specific warning signs that can help identify a burnout. According to Christina Maslek, a professor of psychology at the University of California, the three main symptoms of burnout are fatigue, lack of determination and poor work performance. By the way, if it is not possible to avoid the same routine, then there are some other ways to get help, such as taking time for exercise and improving sleep, which is good for both mind and body. It’s also a good idea to talk to your office mates and share your feelings with them

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