How to use Wealth on a Right Way

In almost every age and every country, wealth has been condemned as an Evil. Yet, the one thing which people want most is this very wealth. It means that wealth is not an evil by itself. Its goodness or badness depends upon the use we make of it. Wealth when misused can be a source of injustice and exploitation; but if rightly used, it becomes a blessing for man. This is clear from the word “wealth” itself. This word is derived from “weal” which means happiness, well being, or good fortune: so wealth is that thing which gives prosperity and happiness to men or women. Since, in our material world, riches are considered to be more capable of bringing happiness and satisfaction to man than other things, so riches have come to mean wealth.
Wealth should be spent first on oneself and one’s kith and kin that is the near and dear ones. If it is properly used, it is no doubt well spent. Life is a long struggle, and in this struggle one’s body and mind must be kept healthy. Good food, sanitary, houses, and clean clothes are a necessity. Money to use for good education and higher education.  Care of our health is our duty: so there is nothing wrong in spending money on the preservation and main tenancy of our health. But we must see that the expenditure is legitimate and not extravagant.
After our own home and our kith and kin, are our neighbors, our village, town, city, and country. A wealthy man must try to remove the sufferings and wants of his fellow men. Whatever is spent on building hospitals, schools, gardens, and on supplying food to the hungry, is spent well. So also whatever is spent on removing ignorance, superstition, on extending the frontiers of human knowledge, and on scientific, medical research and also agricultural research is very important wealth spent very rightly. The establishment of schools, colleges, and libraries for spreading knowledge are steps towards the right and more correct direction.
So also wealth spent on enriching a nation by honest trade and commerce is money rightly spent. The circulation of wealth means you will make more money. Such men who spend their wealth honestly, are public benefactors.
Lastly, whatever is spent on making the wars and spreading terrorism impossible, and on promoting peace and goodwill between people of the world, is spent rightly. War is the greatest evil countries indulge in, and no price is too great which is paid to stop it. The right use of wealth to unite the people spending money on them for education, health and provide them good jobs. They will live peacefully. Alfred Nobel could not have used his wealth better than the way he did. He lives in the hearts of posterity, not for his invention of dynamite but for his prizes, and especially for his Nobel Prize for the promotion of goodwill and peace in the world.
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