Abraham Lincoln once outlined ‘democracy’ as ‘the government of the individuals, by the individuals for the people’. It means in a democratic sort of government person plays the polar role. The aristocracy, the landlords and therefore the politicians have to be compelled to work in keeping with the needs of the person. the most object of their political activities is, therefore, the welfare, betterment, and betterment of the poor lots of the country WHO elect them as their representatives and to whom they’re in charge of their duties and responsibilities.

In several elements of the globe, this kind of presidency has been adopted terribly with success. America and India are cited as 2 bright samples of democracy. In America individuals indirectly participate within the operating of the govt. The President is chargeable for all his choices and actions to the Congress that contains the representatives of the individuals. The policy of ‘check and balance’ is followed to stop the 3 pillars of presidency i.e. law-makers, executive, and judiciary trespass their limits.

Thus the individuals of America square measure enjoying the fruits of democracy totally as they need their due share within the functions of the govt.. they need the freedom to specific their views and opinions in a correct manner. they need additionally simple access to justice and might defend their rights.
It is true that the essence of democracy lies within the well being of the lots and their participation within the functions of the govt.. however it’s a pity that in developing and beneath developed countries like Asian country democracy is employed as a weapon against the individuals. In these countries, democracy has bred and inspired hate, roguery, and witch looking.
The main reason behind the failure of democracy in these countries is that education isn’t common here. individuals square measure largely illiterate and square measure unaware of their rights and responsibilities. The individuals they opt for in elections as their representatives, the rulers and therefore the law manufacturers of the country square measure sometimes the large landlords or industrialists WHO don’t have any concern with education, freelance thinking, and pure jingoistic feelings. They grab power with the only aim of constructing individuals their slaves so they will multiply their wealth by honest or unfair means that. This wealth is then used for private ostentation, luxurious living, and sensual pleasures.

In Asian countries, narrowness, illiteracy, biradry system and poor status have deteriorated our social and political structure. Most of the supposed politicians and law manufacturers square measure illiterate. Their pockets square measure packed with cash however their minds square measure barren of knowledge. The law manufacturers square measure the lawbreakers. They themselves square measure concerned in such grievous crimes as importing, dacoity, murder, theft, drug traffic and the act of terrorism.

Power-hungry mullahs and military Generals are an excellent hindrance in creating an Asian country a democratic state. shortly when the creation of Asian country military Generals forgetting their duty of defensive the borders of the country jumped into the podium of politics. The mullahs supported these, military dictators and therefore each joined hands to stay the poor individuals of the country in permanent subjugation.

Democracy will flourish solely in those countries wherever individuals square measure literate and square measure totally responsive to their rights and responsibilities. If we would like to create an Asian country a democratic country, we are going to have to be compelled to unfold education so individuals could also be ready to distinguish between smart and evil and have bravery fight against evil.