This Unit contains three readings:

1. The Farewell Sermon (Speech)
2. Jinnah’s Vision of Pakistan (Speech)
3. The Blades of Gross {Poem)

Pre Reading:

The Farewell Sermon:
You must be familiar with Khutbo-e-Hu]otulWido. Most of you must hove read it in Urdu in your school days as port of your lslomiyot or history curriculum. Con you recall the main points of the lost Khutbo by the Holy Prophet? Make a list of them and then read the lesson and see how much you hove correctly recalled.
Jinnah’s Vision of Pakistan:
Again, you hove read a lot about the Father of the Notion, Quoid-1-Azom. From your knowledge of history try to recall what our Quaid stood for. You may not hove read his speeches but you must hove been told about his principles, what he stood for and what he envisioned for us as Pakistanis. After reading the lesson, try to relate what you hove been told and what the Quaid himself soys in this speech, which perhaps was his lost significant speech, too.
The Blades of Grass:
In this poem, Stephen Crone creates a dialogue between a few blades of gross and God in Heaven. What do you think the dialogue between them is about?