This Unit contains THREE readings.

1. Archaeological treasures of Pakistan {Essay)
2. Renaissance {Essay)
3. Once upon a lime (Poem)

Pre Reading:

Archaeological treasures of Pakistan:
Pakistan is rich in Archaeological treasures. Relics and ruins of the old civilizations and cultures hove been discovered in almost all the provinces of Pakistan. These ruins and relics reveal that the people of that period were very intelligent and civilized. From these ruins, we con easily understand what kind of ornaments their women wore and what kind of weapons, agricultural implements and tools they used.

The renaissance period was a rebirth of the human desire to explore and to learn more about the world. This desire awakened the dormant people. Their thinking was challenged by the wove of renaissance. Their quest for knowledge and exploration brought a change. Renaissance provided a base to the modern world.

Once upon o time:
The poet in this poem draws a comparison between the past and the present. People in the past were sincere and selfless. They had a great regard for one another. But the people of the present are selfish and insincere. They give a smile but their smile is without sincerity. The poet loves the people of the past.