Unit-4 Hope , Courage and Determination

This Unit contains THREE readings.

1. Determination (Story)
2. The Mon who Planted Trees (Story)
3. It Couldn’t be Done (Poem)

Pre Reading:

This real life story is about the determination and courage of two engineers, father and son {the father died in on occident on site and the son was confined to bed due to injuries, unable to move) to build the Brooklyn Bridge, a bridge in New York City which is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. Completed in 1883, it connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East River. It is considered a feat of engineering, even by today’s standards. Do a project on Brooklyn Bridge and collect as much information as possible.

The Man who Planted Trees:
This story is about a man who planted trees on a mountain site and converted hundreds of acres of wasteland into a rich forest single-handed. The land did not belong to him. Why did he do it? And how do you think he managed it-all alone?

It Couldn’t be Done:

People ore usually discouraging in their attitude towards those who try to achieve something great. All great people of the world hove faced opposition Whal do you think the poet is trying to tell you in this poem? Do you expect him to be discouraging or encouraging?