If you like YouTube Shorts, get ready for a big hit now.

Following the general videos, Google has now decided to show ads in YouTube shorts as well. According to a Bloomberg report , ads in YouTube Shorts are currently being tested, and there will initially be app installs and other similar ads. “These are early days, and we’re pleased with the initial feedback from advertising companies,” said Philip Schindler, Google’s chief business officer. Remember that YouTube Shorts was introduced by Google in September 2020 for TikTok competition.

It was gradually rolled out to mobile phones around the world, and now the company says that the average daily views of YouTube shorts are now more than 30 billion, which is 4 times more than last year. According to Google CEO Sundar Pachai, we are always working on products, we focus first on the best user experience and then on earning over time. He also said that people watch 700 million hours of YouTube daily on internet connected TVs. He added that YouTube will introduce new smartphone features for Connected TVs this year to make it easier for users to share comments and content. According to him, YouTube’s revenue during January-March was 8 6.87 billion