Question # 1: Who started the construction of Blue Mosque?

Answer: Sultan Ahmad I started the construction of the Blue Mosque. He was the ruler of Turkey. The construction of Blue Mosque was started in 1609.

Question # 2: In whose region the construction was completed? 

Answer: The construction of the mosque was completed in region of Mustafa in 1616.

Question # 3: For what purpose does a heavy iron chain hang there?

Answer: A heavy iron chain hand at the west entrance of mosque for Sultan, it is symbolic representation of humility, Sultan in the face of divine. Where he used to enter, he bowed down first and then entered.

Question # 4: Where is situation the Royal room?

Answer: Sultan Ahmad mosque has a Royal room at the south east corner of the mosque. this was designed for VIP (Royal People) only and if has it own pulpit separately as well.

Question # 5: Why Sultan Ahmad Mosque is also known as Blue Mosque?

Answer: The Sultan Ahmad Mosque is also known as Blue Mosque due to blue tiles which are adorned in its interior. There blue tiles give a complete and flamboyant bluish outlook of the Mosque.

Question # 6: Who was appointed as the architect of the Mosque?

Answer: Sedefkar Mehmed Agha was architect of the Blue Mosque. He was the Royal architect and he was appointed by Sultan Ahmad-I as incharge of the project.

Question # 7: How does the interior of the Mosque look?

Answer: The interior of the mosque gives a complete bluish outlook become is adorned with blue tiles and paint. The gallery also gives bright and beautiful designs of fruit, flower and Cyprus trees.

Question # 8: Why do you think Madrassah and hospice was part of the Mosque?

Answer: Madrassah and hospice were usually built with Mosque in that era Madrassah was built so that student could get education of Islam and it was a tradition of that age that hospice was also built for rest of tired traders.

Question # 9: Who construct Mosque Sophia?

Answer: Ottomans Caliph built Hagia Sophia Mosque.