Block Question

Question # 1: Guess the meaning of tutorial?

Answer: Tutorial is the method of teaching in the class. That involves the discussion between students and tutor.

Question # 2: What type of information does media provide?

Answer: Media provide us alot information about current happening in the world. It also inform about us entertainment.

Question #3: Is TV taking away the habit of reading?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to take away the habit of reading. Some people claim the we can do nay other work, when the TV is on but their statement is wrong. According to a English man when TV is on, IT is difficult for me to leave it.

Question # 4: Which is your favourite TV programme?Why?

Answer: “Jirga” is my favourite programme because this programme discusses about national problems.

Exercise Question

Question # 1: What is most important function that media performs?

Answer: It raises awareness about many important issue like corruption, terrorism, drug addiction and violation of human right media has become a mouth piece of downtrodden.

Question # 2: What are two major means of communication?

Answer: There are two means of communication: –

Electronic media and Print media. The media includes film, radio, television, internet, books magazine and newspaper. It provide us information.

Question # 3: How does media provide entertainment?

Answer: Media provide us entertainment through TV, Radio and Newspaper.

TV: We see many important programme, drama and film, sports.

Radio: We hear, music, news, and jokes.

Newspaper: It also provide us same function which provide TV except drama and radio.

Question #4: What happens when media is allowed to play its role unchecked?

Answer: If media is allowed to play its role unchecked. It may spread false news against. This stable government the dishonest media is dangerous for the peaceful society.

Question #5: Give three reasons in support of your favourite TV programme?

Answer: My favourite TV programe is media channel.

  • This channel only focuses on Islamic  knowledge.
  • This channel does not discuss on political issues.
  • I never feel bored while watching this programme.