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Subject: Chemistry “Chapter Wise List”

Some students seem Chemistry a very easy subject but in real students face difficulties to find a solution for hard questions in the paper here we compose new notes about Chemistry from chapter # 1 to 18.

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1 Chapter #1. Introduction to Chemistry  
2 Chapter #2. Chemical Combinations  
3 Chapter #3. Atomic Structure  
4 Chapter #4. Periodicity of Elements  
5 Chapter #5. Chemical Bonding  
6 Chapter #6. States of Matter  
7 Chapter #7. Solution & Suspension  
8 Chapter #8. Electrochemistry  
9 Chapter #9. Acids, Bases and Salts  
10 Chapter #10. Chemical Energetics  
11 Chapter #11. Hydrogen  
12 Chapter #12. Carbon Silicon & Their Components  
13 Chapter #13. Nitrogen & Oxygen  
14 Chapter #14. Sulphur & Its Compound  
15 Chapter #15. Halogens  
16 Chapter #16. Metals & Their Extraction  
17 Chapter #17. Organic Chemistry  
18 Chapter #18. Chemical Industries