Question and Answers

Q.1  Why were Mr. Ahmed’s pupil excited?

Ans. Mr. Ahmed’s pupils were excited because they were given a day off to visit a Model Agricultural Farm. They were naturally very excited.

Q.2  What surprised the boys when they reached the model farm?

Ans. When the boys reached the farm, they were surprised to see such a vast area of farm. They were also astonished to see mechanized farm.

Q.3  What is the name of the machine working in the wheat field?

Ans. The name of the machine working in the wheat field is “Combine”. Its function is to harvest the crop and tied it into sheaves.

Q.4  What does a thresher do?

Ans. A Thresher chaff from the grain. From one side of the machine, a golden rain of sweet smelling machine comes out while from other end the chaff comes out.

Q.5  How are ploughing, seeding and harvesting done on the model farm?

Ans. On the model farm, ploughing is done by tractors. The sowing machine is used for the purpose of seeding where as harvesting is done by Combine.

Q.6  How much work can one man do on the machine?

Ans. Machines have made the work easy for the farmer. That’s why a man can do the work of almost hundred men with the help of machines.

Q.7  What is an average produce from and ordinary farm? What is the produce per hectare on the model farm?

Ans. The average produce from na ordinary farm is 13 to 20 quintals. Where as average produce per hectare on the model farm is 60 to 70 quintals.

Q.8  Why is thee is difference in the output of the two?

Ans. There is a difference in the output of the two because of the machines used in model farm. The use of modern machinery and chemical, fertilizers in model farm has made work feasible for farmers. Moreover, spray of pesticides / insecticides and continuous supply of water has helped to increase the work output.

Q.9  What do they do to kill germs and insects?

Ans. They spray pesticides and insecticides for the prevention of germs and insects. This process includes washing of tree trunks with lime water and removal of wild grass and weeds.

Q.10  What do they grow on the model farm?

Ans. They grow wheat, maize, cotton, sugarcane and grant. Moreover, they also grow vegetables and they also have a large orchard, where they grow mangoes and oranges.

Q.11  Why were the boys surprised on the vegetable form?

Ans. The boys were surprised on the vegetable farm to see the vegetable growing out of the season on the vegetable form. They do it by the usage of chemical fertilizers; plentiful supply of water and by the help modern machine.


  1. Planning – I am planning to take computer classes in the summer vacation
  2. Model – The engineer presented a new model of car in the seminar.
  3. Irrigate – The farmer has dug the canals to irrigate his lan
  4. Plentiful – I’ve got plentiful amount of money to spent on y
  5. Harmful – Pollution is a very harmful disease for this wor

Complete the following Sentences

  1. The Headmaster had allowed them a day’s outing.
  2. Mr. Haroon received them at the gate and showed them aroun
  3. With one sweep it seemed to eat up a large area.
  4. The pupils watched the working of the machine with keen interest.
  5. No, certainly n
  6. The sowing machine sows, the seed well.
  7. No seed goes waste.
  8. We use chemical fertilizers to enrich the soil.
  9. The visitors were surprised to see growing there such vegetables as were out of seaso
  10. He offered the boys fresh tomatoes and cucumber


1.  Narrate in your own words how they get so much produce per hectare on the model farm.

The farmers are able to grow an abundant produce on the model farm because of the modern techniques. They use modern machines, which can perform the work of hundred men. Along with, fertilizers are being used on a vast scale in the farm, so that better and finer crops can be grown. Moreover, spray of pesticides/insecticides and non-stop supply of water has helped to increase the work output.

2.  Write the sentences to show whether modern methods of farming are better nor the old ones.

Machines and techniques have made the profession farming easy for the farmers. Modern methods are better than the old ones because they are more easy to operate than the old methods. They have increase the feasibility of work, because of mechanized means. In this way, one machine can do the work of hundred men. The old methods worked very slow and took a long time of the farmer. But today, the time is also saved and good crops can be grown. Today chemical fertilizers are being used in crops on vast scale, along with pesticides. These salts provide extra enrichment to the crops and protect them from diseases. In this manner better crops could be grown.


Instructor: “Hello! I m from the department of Agriculture. I’ve come here to guide you”.

Farmer : “How can I increase the production?”

Instructor : “You can do it by using chemical fertilizers in your crops.”

Farmer: “But how these artificial compounds can increase the growth?”

Instructor: “Actually these fertilizers are salts, which provide extra nourishment to the

crops. In this manner you can grow better crops”.

Farmer: “OK! Now tell me any other advantage of these fertilizers.”

Instructor: ” By using these salts you can also grow the crops that are out of season.”

Farmer: ” Well I’ve another problem to discuss.”

Instructor: ” What is it?”

Farmer: “Last year my whole crop was destroyed due to some insects. Tell me any cure for it?”

Instructor: “Don’t worry Look! These are the begs of pesticides or you can call it insecticides.”

Farmer: “Please make it more clear.’

Instructor: “Sure, actually these pesticides serve as medicines which will kill the insects

and prevent destruction of crops.”

Farmer: “Oh it’s very easy. you’ve provided me a useful knowledge. Thank You.”

Instructor: “No matter, its my job.”


Use Adjectives in your sentences.

  1. Pleasant – This perfume gives a very pleasant smell.
  2. Interesting – Physics is an interesting subjec
  3. Huge– Sun is very huge as compared to our eart
  4. Vast – Arrangement have been made on vast scale for the prevention of crimes in the country.
  5. Large – This exercise is very large.

Convert the following into Direct Speech.

Mr. Hasan told the visitors that the farm had been doing so well that they had decided to add a dairy to it. There, Finest cows and buffaloes would be kept. The farm would use an electric milker to milk the animals Modern Machinery would make cream and butter.

Mr. Hasan said to the visitors “The farm has been doing so well that we have decided to add a dairy to it. Here, finest cows and buffaloes will be kept. The farm, will use an electric milker to milk the animals. Modern machinery will make cream and butter.”


  1. Get rid of – I got rid of problem by my father.
  2. Get at – He get at the point after listening the mystery.

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