Central Idea


This poem is written by Robert Louis Stevenson, a Scottish poet. In this poem, he shows both the sides of picture i.e. good and evil. He loved the children and understood them.

Central Idea

This poem tells that one decides upon on objectives suiting one’s natural aptitudes and capacities, one should not waste time and should use all the energies in the effort to attain it and not to be distracted by anything, however beautiful it may be.


We are not here to pay, to dream, to drill we have hard work to do and lots to lift. Shun not the struggle, “Its God gift”.

Question and Answers

Q.1  What does the poet see from a railway carriage?

Ans. He sees the beauty of the area. He also sees a boy who is collecting services hardly, a homeless person who is doing nothing but to stare and a man who is lifting the overloaded cart.

Q.2  What pleasures does the railway journey give to the poet?

Ans. The railway journey gives an immeasurable pleasure to the post. Natural beauty provides him an everlasting joy which includes the sights of meadows, daisies, mill, river, hill plain etc. He is pleased because a thing of beauty is a joy forever.


  1. In all – There are four eggs in all in the basket.
  2. All at once – All at once the rain started to fall.
  3. All the same – This matter is all the same to me.
  4. All alone – A soldier destroyed the enemy’s for all alone in the war.
  5. All about – Its all about the corruption spreading in the country.