Central Idea


This poem is written by Julia Carney. The poem emphasis upon the importance of little things.

Central Idea

Nothing in this material world is unimportant. Even little things, which fail to claim and importance and fail to invite our attention, have their importance which cannot be ignored. Same as short, brief an soft spoken words create an everlasting impression in the hearts of others. Thus help to establish a harmonies society.


“If a great thing is simple to explain and easy to understand then the little things demand elaboration of details.”

Question and Answers

Q.1 Write five lines about a little out of kindness done by you, and the result of it?

Ans. Once a poor woman came to my house. She asked us about some money because  her only son was in the hospital and she needed the money to buy medicines for him. My mother did not believe on her story but I offered my whole collection of the year which was about 800 to 900 rupees. In return, the woman gave me so much prays that I felt very happy on my act.


  1. To make fun of – We should not make fun of poor because they are also human beings like
  2. To make room – The conductor was trying to make room for incoming passengers inside the bu
  3. To make money – Most of the people spend their lives in making money other than doing good deed.
  4. To make a mistake – Aslam is making a mistake by choosing Qurban as his partner.
  5. To make up – I’ve made up my mind to go to England for higher studies after the matriculation exam

Use of made of

  1. That house is made of brick
  2. This cushion is made of foam rubber.
  3. These machines are made of stee


1.  To make the most of

Meaning: To take the fullest advantage of the circumstances

Sentence: he led me use his bicycle for a month so I’m going to make the most of it.

2.  To make the both ends meet

Meaning: To be able to live within one’s income.

Sentence: I had to take up a part time job to be able to make the both ends meet.

3. To make one’s mouth water

Meaning: To cause someone to desire something intensely, especially food.

Sentence: As soon as we got the smell of food, it made our mouth water.