Question and Answers

Q.1  What is the Khyber Pass? How long it is ? Where do we go through the Pass?

Ans. Khyber Pass is one of the most famous pass which is a narrow mountain valley. It is about fifty kilometres long. From Khyber Pass we can go to Afghanistan and on the other side is the famous city of Peshawar.

Q.2  When did Aryans cross it and how many times did Mahmood Ghaznavi cross it and why?

Ans. Aryans crossed nearly four thousand years ago the Khyber Pass to enter Pakistan. Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi crossed the Khyber Pass seventimes. He crossed this passage in order to invade the sub-continent.

Q.3  What is the economical importance of Khyber Pass? Or Why it had been a famous trade in history?

Ans. The economical importance of Khyber Pass is that it is used a trading route between the different regions. It is the most favourable and best connection of East Asian countries with Central Asian countries for trading purposes. The important goods which are transferred through this pass into different regions include mirrors, furs, skins and fruits.

Q.4  What did the camel caravans carry? By what have the camels caravans been replaced?

Ans. The camel caravans carried mirrors, furs, skins, fruits, spices, silk, carpet etc to different parts of the region. The camels caravans have now been replaced by trains, trucks and lorries which are the most advanced and fastest means of transportation.

Q.5  Who lives in the mountains of the Khyber Pass?

Ans. The brave tribal people and Pathans live in the mountains of the Khyber Pass, who fought with the mighty British Empire for hundred years and defended their freedom. They are war like people among which keeping fire alarms is a common feature. But after joining Pakistan they are now the defenders of North-Western frontier of Pakistan.

Q.6  Why Landi Kotal is the famous place along the Pass?

Ans. Landi Kotal is the famous place along the Pass because it is the highest place about thirty km away from Jamrod Check post along the pass. It is also a market place where most of the people enjoy eating Tikkas and Chapli Kabab. Landi Kotal is a beautiful spot from where the road goes down winding through beautiful scenery.

Q.7  What is the historical importance of Khyber Pass?

Ans. The historical importance of Khyber Pass cannot be neglected because many Muslim conquerors like Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi, Shahabuddin Ghouri, Babur and Ahmed Shah Abdli made their way through this Pass. Mostly this pass had been used in the history for attacking nd conquering South Asia.

Q.8  Describe briefly the route from Peshawar to Khyber Pass.

Ans. The route for reaching Khyber Pass starts from the central city of Peshawar. About fourteen Kilometers from Peshawar is the Jamrod Check Post from where the permits are issued and which is surrounded by mountains. The road then runs is a haphazard manner to Landi Kotal, 30 km away from Jamrod Check Post and finally after a journey of ten km is the frontier post between Pakistan and Afghanistan.


  1. Famous: Kentucky fried chicken has become very famous in Karachi.
  2. Spices: Spices give a delicious taste to vegetable
  3. Conqueror: The conqueror Halaku Khan was the sign of terror for the whole world.
  4. Defended: The borders of Pakistan were successfully defended by the soldier during 1965 war.
  5. Stretched: He stretched his arms to hold the pile of book

Fill in the Blanks

  1. There are many who have traveled through some part of it.
  2. Khyber Pass has been famous in history.
  3. It has also been a famous trade route.
  4. These brave tribes men fought the mighty British Empire.
  5. They are the defenders of the North-Westen frontier of Pakista
  6. They ate some Tikkas and Chapli Kabab.
  7. The road goes down winding through beautiful scenery.
  8. It has to run through many tunnels in the mounta
  9. They were welcomed by the soldiers guarding the frontier.

Compound Words

  1. Pakistan – Flag
  2. Camel – Caravan
  3. Class – Fellows
  4. Check – Post
  5. Railway – Line
  6. Mule – Trains


1.  Don’t go out alone in the Dark

Meaning: Don’t be out of doors at night alone.

Sentence: My parents always guide me not to go out in the dark.

2.  There is such a strong breeze, the candle may go out

Meaning: There is such a strong breeze that the candle may be extinguished.

Sentence: Yesterday there was strong wind blowing that I said to my friends that their is such a strong breeze, the candle may go out.

3.  Clothes go out of Fashion too fast

Meaning: Fashions of clothes last only for short periods of time.

Sentence: As it is a modern method so clothes go out of fashion too fast.

4.  You can see more the land when the tides goes out

Meaning: When the water receds more the sea-shore is visible.

Sentence: When I went to the sea-side the tide was not very high so I said to my friend that you can see more the land when the tide goes out.

5.  The party went all out to win the elections

Meaning: The party made strenuous efforts to win the election.

Sentence: My uncle is in politics so his party went all out to win the elections.

6.  He goes out of his way to help

Meaning: He makes extra ordinary efforts to help

Sentence: My friend is very generous and kind so he always goes out of his way to help any body.

7.  I’m going off to my friend’s house

Meaning: I am leaving for my friend’s house. Sentence: Yesterday there was my friend’s birthday so I went off at 7’O clock to my

friend’s house.

8.  How did your interview go off?

Meaning: How did you fail in your interview?

Sentence: Yesterday my friend went to an organization in order to give his interview when he was returning him how did his interview go off?

9.  England has gone off the gold standard

Meaning: England’s currency is no longer solidly backed by gold.

Sentence: The quality of Pakistani rice has not yet gone off beyond the standards.

10.  I hope the bomb squad reaches before the bomb explodes

Meaning: I hope the bomb squad reaches before the bomb goes off.

Sentence: When some guys fitted the bomb in a school, the principal of a school was saying again and again that I hope the bomb squad reaches before the bomb goes off.

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