Central Idea


This poem is written by Felicia Dorethea Hemans (1973-1835). She was born at Liverpool, but the family moved to Wales where she was brought up. She was quick in mind and had a fine memory. As a poet, she has been compared to Long fellow. Like Couper, she loved the pathetic, and there is great enthusiasm for chivalry and heroism in her work. She also stressed moral values.


“A man of courage is full of faith.” or “Patriotism is a great virtue that makes people forgive their selfness.”

Central Idea

The central idea of this poem is the the noble characteristics like chivalirism, obedience and morality demand the impossible, the obsolite and the death which itself transfigured into eternal life. Deep-rooted faithfulness is majestic and unmatched which makes a man rise above all personal affiliation.


This poem is written by an English poetess Felicia Dorothea Hemans. Casabianca is not purely fictitous story. It is a story of brave and innocent boy. The poetess has depicted a scene of sea battle. Where a ship is own ablaze with casabiance standing on the deck. During the battle when every part of ship was gutted with fire, most of the crew members had died and the live ones had runaway to save their lives. But casabianca kept standing, fearless of fire and enemy’s shelling where he was in obedience of his father’s order who was the captain of the ship. When the ship was burning with fire, Casabianca’s impatient nature made him ask the permission to leave the battle field but there was no reply as his father was dead. In the last three stanzas, the poetess has described the scene of casabianca’s death when the flames of fire engulfed him, the ship was also blasted and his body blown to bites. But in reality his spirit and moral was not defeated. Till his last breath, he stood like rock facing death and danger.

Question and Answers

Q.1  Write a short note on Casabianca?

Ans. Casabianca was a young and brave soldier of his country. He was a born hero and has a very strong, composed and pleasant personality. Dutifulness and obedience were his making characteristics and he was proud of fighting for his country.

Q.2  What do you know about a battleship from this poem?

Ans. As the poem was written in the 19th century, in these days ships made from wood. There were different parts like most, helm, pennon fair etc. Moreover they also used, cannon balls for destruction purposes.

Q.3  How has the Felicia Dorothea Hemans been compared to other poets?

Ans. Felicia Dorothea Hemans has been compared to Henry Long Fellow and Couper. She had the same pathetic and there is a great enthusiasm for chivalry and heroism in her work like the other poets. She also stressed moral values.

Q.4  What does the poetess mean by saying that “Lone Post of Death”?

Ans. The poetess is describing the death scene of Casabianca through the phrase. It means that when the fire was near to engulf him and his death time had arrived, than he was all alone on the battleship. He had a desperation about his father, future i.e. about winning over the battle.

Q.5  Why does the poetess call the Casabianca “A Gallant Child”?

Ans. The poetess calls the Casabianca “a gallant child” because he stood like a rock, fairless of the fire, the enemy’s shelling and his despair in the moments of death and danger. When his body blown into bites i.e. he was defeated by the death, but actually his spirit was not overpowered and he remained as a brave and valiant soldier.

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