Question and Answers

Q.1 What property did the two brothers inherit from their father and what was the suggestions of Azam about the division of property?

Ans. After the death of their father, their father inherited a cow, a date-palm, tree and a blanket equally. Azam, the elder brother suggested that the front part of cow, the upper part of the date-palm tree and the blanket from sunset till morning would belong to him. Where as Moazzam was alloted with the rear part of cow, the lower part of the tree and the blanket for the day time.

Q.2  Why did Moazzam agree to the division?

Ans. Moazzam was innocent and simple boy and agreed to the division because Azam had cunningly presented the useless part of the property as the better ones. Furthermore he believed that whatever his brother will divide, it will beneficial for both of them.

Q.3  Who fed the cow and who got the milk? and why did Azam not give dates to Moazzam?

Ans. According to the agreement between Azam and Moazzam, Moazzam was to feed the cow as the front part belonged to him and Azam got the milk as the rear part was his. Azam did not give the dates to Moazzam because the fruitful part of the tree belong to Azam.

Q.4  How did Moazzam teach the lesson to his elder brother?

Ans. After advising by an old man, Moazzam wisely foiled Azam’s tricks. When Azam was milking the cow he started hitting the cow’s head with a stick, when Azam was picking dates from the tree he started cutting the tree with an axe and when Azam took up blanket, he found it wet which was done by Moazzam. In this manner, Moazzam was   able to teach the lesson to his brother.

Q.5  What is the moral of the lesseon “The Inheritors”?

Ans. The moral of the lesson is that falsehood have no ground bases to stand. We should be pragmatic in our dealings and we can answer cleverness by wisdom. We must obey our elder’s advice because their advice is as good as gold.

Q.6  Give the character sketch of Moazzam?

Ans. Moazzam was a very simple and trusting boy. He never hesitated in doing hard work. Obedience and innocence was also the part of Moazzam’s nature.

Q.7  Give the character sketch of Azam?

Ans.Azam was agreedy and selfish person. Being an elder, he had an ordering style. He was always in the favour of cunning and false hood. Laziness was also their in his character.

Q.8  How did Azam cheat Moazzam?

Ans. being selfish and clever, Azam took advantage of Moazzam’s simpliciity by taking every beneficial part of the inheritance. He fleeted milk of cow, fruit of the tree and blanket during night for himself and awarded Moazzam with useless and work needed parts of inheritance.

Q.9  What was the effect of the old man’s advice on Moazzam?

Ans. The oldman’s advice revealed the fact on Moazzam that he was being cheated by the cleverness of his elder brother. The old man made him realized that Azam was taking benefit of the inheritance. Being obedient, Azam accepted the advice of old man and answered the cleverness of his brother with his wisdom.


  1. Cheat: Aslam was cheated by Ikhlaq through his foolishness.
  2. Division: The plan for the division of sub-continent on 14th August 47 is known as 3rd

June PLan.

  1. Guess: Ahmed could not guessed the mystery.
  2. Property: The property of former PM was captured by the Government because he was

found indulge in crimes.

  1. Milk: I bought 5 litres of milk from the shop to make the milk shake.

Fill in the Blanks

  1. Their mother had died in their childhood.
  2. His younger brother. Moazzam was simple and trusting.
  3. Azam the elder brother was very greedy and clever.
  4. Azam suggested that they should divide the properly left by their father.
  5. We shall just divide it verbally.
  6. Moazzam was delighted with the generosity of this elder brother.
  7. It shall be mine only from sunset to sunrise.
  8. Now moazzam would feed the cow and Azam would milk it.
  9. He did not offer even a single date to his younger brother.
  10. Moazzam was quite content with it.
  11. Azam enjoyed a deep sleep under the warm blanket.


1. Nouns in Sentence

  1. Die : Death

He has lost his balance of mind due to the death of his father.

  1. Advise : Advice

We must obey our elder’s advice

  1. Divide: Division

The plan for the division of sub-continent on 14th August 1947 was presented by Lord

Mountt Batten.

  1. Suggest: Suggestion

He did not accept any suggestion about his matter and suffered a heavy loss.

  1. Agree: Agreement

An agreement of undertaking was signed between Pakistan and America on the basis of Kashmir.

  1. Feed : Food

Proper food is not available in our remote villages .


  1. Clever – Cleverness
  2. Greedy – Greedy
  3. Generous – Generosity
  4. Stupid – Stupidity
  5. Innocent – Innocence
  6. Simple – Simplicity
  7. Young – Youth

3. Prepositions

  1. He is fond of reading book
  2. Najma is not interested in game
  3. Ajmal is good at mathematic
  4. He is not fit for this job
  5. The baby is crying for its mother.
  6. The nurse looks after the patient.
  7. The patient has been cured of his disease.
  8. He has given up smoking.
  9. I am used to taking tea without sugar.
  10. We should be proud of our country.

4. Change into Passive Voice

1. The old man advised Moazzam.

Ans. Moazzam was advised by the old man.

2.  Moazzam fed and looked after the cow.

Ans. The cow was fed and looked after by Moazzam.

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