Free Download Complete 10th Class Urdu Notes Hissa Ghazliat

Dear Students of 10th / X / SSC Part-II Matric Class, 

Subject: Urdu  کلاس دہم آئینہ اردو لازمی “حصہ غزلیات”

Urdu seams very easy but in real students face difficulties to find solution for hard questions in paper here we compose new notes about Ayeena Urdu Notes for 10th / x / ssc part II class easy to learn. Hissa Ghazaliat have 3 parts “شاعر کے حالات زندگی، اشعارکی تشریح، مشقی سوالات و جوابات” 

Now you can view or download our latest notes according to the various boards syllabus to improve your knowledge in short time and prepared for an examination to obtain smart marks and make your future secure. We are very optimistic to create latest written notes for the best of our efforts and provide easy way to find solutions of your home work. notes available for the various Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education. In this page you can view or download different chapters of the Subject of Ayeena e Urdu Lazmi. All Chapters are available in page from 1 to 4. 

The Notes are in written form and the file is in PDF format easy to view and print online. Or download it from click the link of view/download. If the viewer find any error please mentioned it by contacting us or follow our facebook page.



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 غزل نمبر-۱- مصیبت بھی راحت فزا ہوگئی ہے



غزل نمبر-۲- آدمی آدمی سے ملتا ہے



غزل نمبر -۳- سر میں بھی نہیں دل میں تمنا بھی نہیں



غزل نمبر -۴- یہ فخر حاصل ہے، بُرے ہیں کہ بھلے ہیں